Internet Marketing Conferences Or Seminars-Worth The Effort?

By Vinden • September 10th, 2008

As I’m getting ready to travel from Brussels to the UK World Internet Summit in London, it passes through my mind that: “These events are exhausting, expensive in terms of travel and hotel costs, (and sometimes the tickets cost an awful lot: we know, having paid $11,000+ on occasions for mentoring weekends!), plus you have all the back-log of emails and post to deal with on your return. Is it worth all the effort?!”
In truth, we’ve always found that, yes, they are really valuable events to attend.

  • You get to see the top Internet marketing folks (aka the Gurus!) talking about what’s hot in their particular niche of search engine optimisation (SEO), affiliate marketing, joint ventures, copy-writing, etc., what their latest tips are, how they managed their product launches, etc.
  • It’s even possible to get to chat to them at the event. (I’ve found that they’re surprising approachable!)
  • It focuses your attention on learning more about the huge puzzle that can be the online business world, rather than getting distracted by tons of emails and just…doing. As Business Coaches, we advise that it’s sometimes really useful to get away from the office and take more of a helicopter or strategic view of your business.
  • You get some great networking done! We’ve met some really nice people and business partners over the years of attending these Internet marketing events.

We do realise that not everyone can afford to go to these events, or perhaps doesn’t live in a place that visited by these types of events (I’ve yet to see one in Brussels – hmmm, there’s a thought!), so the new high-end membership site that we’re launching this year will help a lot of those people.

  1. They’ll get access to the Gurus at closed-door seminars, but in the comfort of their homes, at a fraction of the price they’d have to pay to attend them!
  2. They’ll get the benefits of the really valuable networking that goes on when like-minded people congregate, but 24/7 via the members-only forum and other aspects that we’ll reveal nearer the time….
  3. Loads of other benefits that we, as both Coaches and Internet Business Specialists, can see a huge need for, both by beginners and intermediate level internet business owners, to gain teh success they desire.

Watch this space!

Eve Grace-Kelly & Vinden Grace with Adam Ginsberg at WIS UK 2007

Eve Grace-Kelly & Vinden Grace with Adam Ginsberg at WIS UK 2007

Will update you on the World Internet Summit on my return.

Vinden Grace


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