World Internet Summit: Worth Going? Internet Business Specialist reveals…

By Vinden • October 21st, 2008

Is it worth attending the World Internet Summit?

Short answer: absolutely!

Longer answer…
Well, 4 days is very intensive, but really enjoyable.
It’s fascinating to see how different speakers perform, what their chosen niche is, whether they do a short sales pitch at the end and deliver loads of content, or a short amount of content and loads of pitching!
Thankfully, the World Internet Summit in London during September was up to its usual very high standard.

Some of the added bonuses (there are lots!) of going to this type of event are:

  • Networking. I met several potentially very strong Joint Venture (JV) partners.
    We had some really good discussions and are working on a  project as we speak!
  • Time to reflect. It’s so useful to take time out of your business, listen to other internet business specialists who have different backgrounds and a different take on online business, and then see where their ideas can be applied to your business.

Brett McFall (one of the co-founders of the World Internet Summit) gave a useful run-down of the A to Z of the Internet. Co-incidentally, his offering of a coaching programme was very similar to the one we will be launching in a few months!

Tim Brocklehurst talked about the power of viral marketing and very smoothly ploughed on despite his laptop crashing! Very professionally handled Tim 😉

Ray Edwards gave an excellent talk on copywriting, including a neat formula.
He’s well worth listening to as he writes for some really big names like Mark Victor Hansen, Brad Callen and Willie Crawford.

Sean Roach was as entertaining as ever with his talk about his take on web 3.0, his platform for social media.

Armand Morin had some interesting insights into the future of magazine publishing in the ‘real world’! He sees little future for them, believing they’ll all go fully online in time. Food for thought…

Debra Thompson Roedl walked us through how to create a million-dollar information marketing business, e.g. utilising the same product in several different ways.

I missed the last day unfortunately as my mother-in-law passed away suddenly, so we had to drive down to Devon from London…

I have a Resale Rights license for the World Internet Summit DVDs (actually, the previous event a few months ago in Australia).

I also have a Master Rights license to them, enabling me to sell the Resale Rights!
I’ll post a URL here in due course when I’ve got the details sorted.
Great content and a great business opportunity!

Watch this space for more details coming soon.

Best wishes,
Vinden Grace


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