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By Vinden • January 6th, 2010

Visiting Florida For Winter Sunshine And A Cruise And Picking Up A Real-Estate Bonus!

We wanted some winter sunshine, so we spent 3 weeks in Florida travelling around prior to going on our first ever cruise: socialising and networking with hundreds of marketers & entrepreneurs. Eve and I visited Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Fort Myers, Marco Island, Sarasota and chi-chi Naples, which I’d visited 20 years or so ago. It was smarter and more stylish than ever and Eve loved it too.

Having time on our hands, (one of the many advantages of having your own companies plus a laptop!), we idly picked up some real-estate / property magazines and ‘casually’ set up a few appointments, ‘just to see what was on offer’ in the Sunshine State. The answer? Great value and plentiful sunshine, the outdoor life, friendly people and great seafood. The outcome is that we’ve made an offer on a property in an immaculately maintained development.

We are off on the Caribbean cruise for marketers, coaches, mentors and entrepreneurs now, visiting Cozumel, Belize, Honduras and the Yucatan Peninsula, so will have to wait and see if our offer is accepted….. Watch this space!


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