Progress Report On Our First Joint Venture Of 2010

By Vinden • May 17th, 2010

The Phenomenal Power Of Joint Ventures (JVs)

Joint Ventures (JVs) are amazingly powerful for leveraging your skills plus complementary ones of other people into new geographical areas and business markets.

They’re also a great way to get introductions to new people to do business with, as we’ve found to our delight, gaining fantastic introductions from a number of very helpful co-authors of our latest book,  a multi-authored coaching or self-improvement / personal development book co-edited and managed with best-selling Amazon author, our old mentor Tracy Repchuk.

Particular credit must go to:

  • Bev James, CEO, and co-founder with James Caan, of BBC TV’s Dragons’ Den fame, of the UK-based Entrepreneurs’ Business Academy and MD of The Coaching Academy, the world’s largest coaching organisation.
  • Mindy Gibbins-Klein, our publisher and a speaker and author
  • Penny Power, co-founder of and also a speaker and author
  • Stephanie J Hale, publishing expert and writing coach
  • Jonathan Jay, founder of The Coaching Academy above, who sold this and now runs SuccessTrack and NABO, the National Association of Business Owners.

The book is progressing well, but these multi-authored books take much, much longer to pull together than writing a book by oneself, so be aware if you do something similar!


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