The UK Entrepreneurs’ Business Academy & Our Wedding Anniversary

By Vinden • July 28th, 2010

The UK Entrepreneurs’ Business Academy (The EBA)

The co-founder of The Entrepreneurs’ Business Academy (The EBA), Bev James, kindly invited us to attend one of her London-based Saturday events that introduce people to The EBA’s recently launched mentoring programme.

Her co-founder, James Caan, of BBC TV series Dragons’ Den fame, was also there, speaking to the several hundred people who had made the journey into London on a Saturday. (Additionally, it was our wedding anniversary and we had travelled over from the capital of Europe, Brussels in Belgium, so we felt we had gained plus points for effort 🙂  )

Bev had earlier agreed to write part of our multi-authored book that we’re currently working on, Ultimate Life Lessons. We’re so pleased to have someone of Bev’s standing and generosity as a part of the book. (She’s also MD of the world’s largest coach training school, so, given that we are fellow coaches and entrepreneurs, there’s great synergy with Bev.)

She was also kind enough to introduce us to the delightful Penny Power, co-founder of the reknowned, who was also speaking at the event as one of the EBA’s expert mentors. Penny was also gracious enough to agree to be in our book. It’s such a rewarding experience to work with people like Bev and Penny, who are both lovely warm people and very generous with their time and wisdom.

Our central message here is simply this: it’s not necessary to try to do everything all by yourself: build a team around you. Seek out top-notch Joint Venture (JV) partners. Network with helpful and successful folks. Work with top quality mentors. Plus, when you’ve made it, give back to others who need help!

And the anniversary? After the EBA meeting, we had a glass of Champagne in a fab 5 star hotel nearby to toast our wedding anniversary and how well the day had gone, then we had a really nice meal in Quo Vadis, recommended by another EBA mentor. A fantastic end to a superb day!


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