The Launch Of Our Latest Coaching And Mentoring Book On Amazon: ‘Ultimate Life Lessons’

By Vinden • December 14th, 2010

Our Book, ‘Ultimate Life Lessons‘, Launches on Amazon

It now seems a long time ago that we started this Joint Venture (JV) with one of our former mentors, Amazon best-selling author Tracy Repchuk.

We established this JV on the first night of our maiden cruise with Mike Filsaime and over 400 other top entrepreneurs, Internet Marketers, coaches, and mentors, travelling around the Caribbean on a brand new cruise ship.

Marketers' Cruise-Donna Fox, Lou Edwards, Vinden Grace, Mike Filsaime, Tom Beal-January 2010
Marketers’ Cruise-Donna Fox, Lou Edwards, Vinden Grace, Mike Filsaime, Tom Beal-January 2010

The concept of the JV is that of:

  • people sharing key wisdom that they have acquired during their lives,
  • so creating a multi-authored book of ‘life lessons’ for people to learn from,
  • carry out exercises we provide and so embed the learning and hence change their lives for the better.

The process to create the book is:

  • we find experts in their fields;
  • make contact with them;
  • introduce the concept of the life lessons book;
  • show them samples of what life lessons we are contributing as coaches, entrepreneurs and mentors;
  • agree that they will definitely contribute and then set a deadline for their contribution(s);
  • progress chase them for the contributions;
  • create the book in an order that makes sense for the readers;
  • send the copy to the authors for proof-reading;
  • proof-read the whole book again for errors;
  • then send the book out to authority figures to ask what they think of it, i.e. will they give us a testimonial if they like the book;
  • finally, publish the book on Amazon and get it into shops world-wide.

Sounds relatively straightforward, right, especially as we’re very experienced Project Managers? Not so! Successful people are very busy people and quite rightly.

Getting in touch with them is a challenge and another hurdle is then persuading them to find time in their hectic schedules for your project over all of their other projects and those that other people are submitting to them for JVs, but happily, our super co-authors loved the concept of our life lessons book, so they responded very well. Nonetheless, the whole project took 8 months versus our initial estimate of 4 months, but then this is our first time of putting together a multi-authored book, and there are over 30 distinguished co-authors in our book!

We’ve been truly humbled and honored by the fantastic quality, success and helpfulness of the great co-authors we’ve assembled.

There are lots of superb life lessons that they’ve passed on and from which we can all learn.
The coaching / mentoring / personal development exercises will really help to embed the learning from those lessons and assist people to alter their lives to get the fantastic results they desire to see.

Our book launches today December 14th 2010! Here’s to success, fulfilment and happiness for all our readers!

Our Ultimate Life Lessons book

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