The Importance of Researching Salesletters Before Buying

By Vinden • March 11th, 2011

Well, there have been lots of comments on Facebook, on blogs and in forums about a recent launch on ClickBank where other experienced Internet marketers have been horrified and annoyed at the sales pitch put forward for apparently being unbelievable, over-hyped and thereby damaging our (Internet marketing) industry.

Some of my Marketers’ cruise friends on Facebook, such as Cindy Battye and Soren Jordansen have been fairly scathing.

Omar Martin’s blog has an interesting review of the sales letter (not the product).

The old Latin adage Caveat Emptor (‘Buyer Beware’) is still true on-line folks, so DYOR (do your own research!) before buying.

It doesn’t even matter if the product is not that expensive: don’t waste your time – that can never be replaced.

Another saying to bear in mind when sales letters are pitching hard for your money: if it sounds too good to be true,then it probably is!

These aren’t new sayings, but they’re still true whether you are buying in a shop, a market or online.

You’ve been warned 🙂

Safe shopping!

Vinden Grace



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