Business tip of the week from Vinden Grace & Dunedin Consultants

By Vinden • January 16th, 2012

Business Tip from Vinden Grace & Dunedin Consultants

How would you like to work less and accomplish more?

The key is laziness. Implement an intelligent version of laziness.

Clever laziness involves recognising your strengths and weaknesses.

When you focus on your strengths, tasks are easy to accomplish.  Focusing on your weaknesses generally results in a lot of hard work.

Take for example, a body builder lifting a 120-kilo table up a flight of stairs.

The body builder can simply pick up the table and carry it up the flight of stairs in a minute or two.  While you, on the other hand, might struggle… needing to drag the table up the stairs. Or worse yet, you might take the table apart so you can carry up smaller, individual pieces.

A task that is easy for one person can be extremely difficult for another.  So the key is to figure out ways to eliminate or *delegate or outsource* your difficult tasks.

Ask yourself, what are your strengths and what are your weaknesses?  What tasks are very easy for you to accomplish and which are very difficult? Or what are the tasks over which you always procrastinate?

Make a list with your strengths on the left-hand side and your weaknesses on the right-hand side.  This list will become your guide to intelligent laziness.

Aim to eliminate the entire right-hand side of the page.  So essentially, all you’re left with are your strengths.


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