Planning Permission Obtained For Converting Outbuildings At One Of Our HMOs

By Vinden • May 19th, 2015

Planning Permission For Converting Outbuildings At One Of Our HMOs

We’re delighted to have finally obtained planning permission to convert the outbuildings (Stables, stores, etc.) owned by our JV property vehicle, grace kelly churchill property ventures LLP, into 4 apartments!

These are at the rear of one of our Houses Of Multiple Occupation (HMO), a good investment in this part of the East Midlands in the UK.

Now to get the schedule of works out to builders for their quotes. It takes ages to get the schedule together so that we fulfil several criteria:

  • Planning regualtions
  • Building regulations
  • Aesthetic considerations
  • Space considerations
  • Neighbours
  • Market requirements, i.e. what does the local market need?

The beauty of this deal, that I found while browsing the web from our place on Spain’s Costa Almeria, is that the substantial outbuildings were essentially free, as the deal stacked up anyway just with converting the main house and shop into a 6-7 bed HMO!

Vinden Grace


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