Our Fantastic Property Investment in Florida

By Vinden • June 16th, 2015

A Caribbean Cruise + A Fantastic Investment in Florida

While wintering in Florida a few years back, we thought it was a good time to look for great value properties in the Sunshine State. We visited several then made an offer on a potential bargain on Florida’s Gulf Coast. We went away on a cruise around the Caribbean with several hundred other entrepreneurs. By the time we got back, our offer was accepted! We bought it for an 80% (yes – eighty!) discount from the price the estate agent owner paid just 5 years earlier.  Now that’s what I call a Christmas vacation!

Just signed our tenants up for another year in our property in Florida!

The property yields 14% gross & almost 10% net. The value of the property has doubled in the 4 years since we bought it & we anticipate more upside. A fantastic investment!


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