Founded by Vinden Grace and Eve Grace-Kelly, Dunedin Consultants has evolved into a group of distinct business activities reflecting our diverse skills and interests.


Eve Grace-Kelly started on her property journey in the early 90s  with a conversion of a 2-bed cottage into a 4-bedroom, 4 reception house. Vinden Grace became a landlord at the age of 25. Together, we bought a huge (4,500 square feet) wing of an English country house as a bit of a wreck, restored it and later sold it after 5 fantastic years. The project taught us a lot and probably kick-started our more detailed interest in property. Today, we have 1 main property venture: this one, Property Partners and Mentors or PPM. We dissolved Grace Kelly Churchill Property Ventures LLP (“GKC”), that we ran with Andy Churchill, who also has his own property business, after several challenging but profitable ventures including buying a Victorian pub and stables and getting planning permission to convert it into apartments! So GKC is a great example of a joint venture where capital, time and expertise are pooled to mutual benefit.


This is a high-quality online resource for:

  • Internet Business Advice (setting up an online business, SEO, and online marketing generally)
  • Outsourcing advice and supply of outsourcing services
  • Information Product and Service Creation and Marketing
  • Product and Service Licensing
  • Making Money Online
  • Taking your offline business online
  • Training for individuals and companies / corporations, both online (e-learning) and classroom-based

Vinden Grace is a Certified Guerrilla Information Marketer.
This training built on the teachings of marketing genius Jay Conrad Levinson, the creator of Guerrilla Marketing. Certified Guerilla Information Marketing Trainer

We’ve also been mentored to the tune of 6 figures by some of the world’s top business and Internet mentors.

Finally, he is a Fellow of the Institute of Digital and Direct Marketing (now the Institute of Data & Marketing).


QCC Group is a division within Dunedin Consultants.

QCC focuses on helping individuals and organisations with self-improvement, personal development, professional development, performance enhancement and productivity improvement.

Eve and Vinden are highly experienced in personal coaching (AKA Life Coaching), business coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and continue to study personal improvement material.

QCC is made up of a consortium of dynamic professional coaches and consultants with a wide range of skills and experience. We are dedicated to supporting individuals, teams and organisations helping them develop and achieve their desired outcomes, by testing and pushing them through their boundaries to reach their full potential. We provide a safe environment in which people can explore and develop their strengths in all aspects of their personal and professional lives. We can call on dozens of suitably qualified and experienced associates as needed.


A number of resources can be provided to offer services in this field such as planning, project office, project and programme management and safety consultancy. These consultants have decades of experience with bodies such as the CAA, Air Traffic Service Providers such as NATS and the pan-European organisation for the safety of air navigation, EUROCONTROL.

  • Latest News from Dunedin Consultants – Internet Business Specialists

    Vinden Grace and his wife, Eve Grace-Kelly will soon be launching an exclusive memberships site to show people how to create and grow successful online businesses. Having set up and run real-world businesses such as an IT recruitment company, a management consultancy dealing with multi-million pound projects, plus a Life (or Personal or Success) Coaching and Business Coaching company, Vinden and Eve have the experience to help your online business take off!