Dunedin Aviation delivers operational and technical consulting, assists with the co-ordination and implementation of European ATM programmes, develops and conducts tailored training services, and provides project management expertise.

With roots in both civil and military aviation and experience with numerous intergovernmental organisations, ANSPs and corporate entities, Dunedin Aviation delivers targeted, cost-effective services.

These services are facilitated by the unique set of skills, extensive experience and knowledge base that each member of the team contributes.  We can cover ATM in its entirety.

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    Vinden Grace and his wife, Eve Grace-Kelly will soon be launching an exclusive memberships site to show people how to create and grow successful online businesses. Having set up and run real-world businesses such as an IT recruitment company, a management consultancy dealing with multi-million pound projects, plus a Life (or Personal or Success) Coaching and Business Coaching company, Vinden and Eve have the experience to help your online business take off!