Internet Business + Outsourcing


We represent as Business Development Managers a leading outsourcing company with whom we have worked for several years.We can offer:Website Development:

  • in-depth knowledge  of customized eCommerce solutions for various products
  • PHP programming

Website Designing

  • We offer a full website design service
  • Mobile website versions are also available

Virtual Assistant Services

  • We can offer help desk solutions for your online  business, taking care of queries and e-mails from customers.
  • Additionally, we can take care of Internet research, data entry, customer  support, installation services, technical support, paperwork processing and  contact management

Search Engine Optimisation / Optimization (SEO)

This mainly  helps your business to achieve first page ranking in some of the major search  engines like Google and Yahoo. You can simply improve the ranking of your website with our help.

  • One of our recent results was getting a highly competitive term in the stock market trading niche onto page 1 of Google in 7 days!
  • What would a result like that mean to your business?
    • Consider the average lifetime value of your customers.
    • Then ponder how much extra revenue and profit you could make if you were found on page 1 of the top search engines for your key search terms.
  • Contact us for more information now. Get ahead before your competitors do!
  • Latest News from Dunedin Consultants – Internet Business Specialists

    Vinden Grace and his wife, Eve Grace-Kelly will soon be launching an exclusive memberships site to show people how to create and grow successful online businesses. Having set up and run real-world businesses such as an IT recruitment company, a management consultancy dealing with multi-million pound projects, plus a Life (or Personal or Success) Coaching and Business Coaching company, Vinden and Eve have the experience to help your online business take off!