Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual Assistance

Virtual Assistance is the core domain for all business improvement activities. It covers a wide spectrum of skills from technical support, data management to more specialized services, such as web design and internet marketing.

You can hire our Virtual Assistants on a monthly or hourly basis.

Virtual Assistance – Professional services through a Dedicated Team:

Data Processing & Management –

We can help you with a full range of data-processing and management services, including data-entry, data additions and so on.

Site Moderating –

Website design is not a one-off job. After design and development of the website, it is important to maintain and update it regularly, in order to establish a firm presence on the web and score high ranking in search engine. We can also maintain your administrator admin panel for services like testimonials, product additions, etc.

Internet Research –

You can use our company and our services to obtain crucial information from the internet and employ them for your business. There are many internet professionals who provide you assistance virtually, i.e. are virtual assistants.

Technical Support –

We can maintain your site’s helpdesk and assist your customers/members to solve their queries regarding your services.

Product Additions –

Add your products online, on your site and also publish them on your eBay account or any other portal.

E-Mail Marketing –

We can use this to reach your target audience and convince them to make a purchase. Our SEO team will assist you to improve quality of your website and improve the PR (page rank) also.

When choosing Virtual Assistance, which is your biggest CONCERN?
* Time saving     *Business Improvement     * Achieving high quality parameters
The specifications of a good Virtual Assistants aren’t easily met and creating a virtual network of good quality workers isn’t very easy to do at all. You will get high quality virtual assistants through us.
No need to choose, we maximize ALL of these parameters.
  • Maintain Weekly & Daily reports
  • Data Security
  • 24/7 Support & flexible timings
  • Working Hours: 9 hrs/day, 6 days a week (Except 2nd & 4th Saturdays)
  • With timely communication through e-mails & instant messages
  • We ensure we hire employees with clear security checks.
  • We will provide 100% accuracy in product additions.
  • Real time charges applicable.

All above services are provided by dedicated professionals.

Our Virtual Assistants Team currently consists of 10+ highly skilled individuals, and growing. Therefore, your project manager will always have backup to keep things going. Although the pricing differs on case to case basis… you can hire our Virtual Assistants & Support Services starting from as low as $ single figures per hour!
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